Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?

Are you busy or do you have a hard time scheduling or keeping appointments?

Do you lack health insurance, or does your health insurance fail to cover behavioral health?

Teletherapy may be the best option for you to receive support.

Research overwhelmingly shows many benefits to teletherapy, such as improved outcomes, increased access to care, and reduced stress. Many organizations, such as the World Health Organization, support teletherapy and encourage more use of this method. Thanks to modern technology, just about everyone in the U.S. can participate. This ease of access of teletherapy has revolutionized the healthcare industry, allowing providers to interact with clients easily and quickly.

What does it involve?

From home, your office, car, or other private location, you will open our confidential website (which is HIPAA compliant and secure). You can use a variety of devices, including a cell phone, iPad or tablet, laptop, or PC. We ask you to be alone in a confidential location with the door shut, so others cannot hear. Once you open the website, you enter your name. Your provider will see you’re online, and the appointment will begin. There is also a “chat” (instant messaging) feature on the teletherapy website, if you’re worried that other people may hear you.

What about insurance?

Even prior to Covid19, insurance companies covered teletherapy appointments. This is good news! Most likely, your insurance covers this service. If it doesn’t, we will offer a reduced rate.

You may be a good candidate for teletherapy if you:

• Are very busy and overwhelmed
• Live in Illinois
• Travel frequently or have an international address
• Need flexibility with scheduling
• Want more confidentiality
• Have highly public work (police, lawyers, firefighters, etc)
• Don’t want to see other people in the waiting room
• Have chronic pain, illness, or impairments that make it difficult to get to appointments
• Have not found a provider you are interested in seeing near you
• Have challenges to leaving the home or being in public places
• Live in a rural area or in places where parking and transportation are difficult
• Want to save time and gas
• Just want to try it out!

The convenience of scheduling an appointment online cannot be understated. There’s no need to get ready, or even leave your bed or couch. If you have social anxiety or phobias that cause you to avoid social interactions, Teletherapy makes it easier for you. Don’t miss out!

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