Erin Wold, LCPC

Erin Wold, LCPC

Erin has five years of clinical experience with behavioral health treatment. She has worked in a variety of treatment levels including inpatient therapy, school, and outpatient individual and group therapy settings for a range of ages, for many different presenting problems and symptoms.

Outside of the therapy office, Erin devotes her time to supporting and providing for her 3 children, ranging from 8 to 28. Focusing on health and global well-being, Erin likes to exercise, eat well, and use her spiritual practice to engage in self-care. Gardening and decorating are other ways Erin likes to express herself and connect to the world around her.

Erin provides services for the following challenges:

  •  Anxiety
  •  Attention deficits
  •  Communication difficulties
  •  Conflict resolution
  • Decision making
  •  Depression
  • Grief
  • Problem solving
  • Relationship conflict
  • Trauma


Erin’s therapeutic philosophy incorporates Adlerian ideals, which focus on acceptance of our humanity and encouragement of the greatest potential within ourselves. Using empathy and validation, Erin listens to your life story to better understand your worldview and unique experiences that led you to the therapy office. Erin also uses Rogerian theory to prioritize unconditional positive regard, authenticity, and empathy to build a therapeutic relationship. This approach helps foster a safe space to make changes you want to address towards a life that is more congruent with values and goals. In addition, Erin likes to integrate the foundations of emotional regulation through cognitive and behavioral therapy models, such as CBT and DBT.

Erin’s Personality

Erin’s personality can be described as easy-going, down-to-earth, open-minded, calm, patient, and finding fun and laughter when appropriate. Erin can be creative, seeing things from different perspectives, relating with metaphors and analogies to describe different concepts and ideas. Erin likes to see things in a broad mindscape, focusing on the root of a strength or challenge instead of being distracted by surface level details.

Erin works with teens age 13+ and adults of all ages. Please contact to request an appointment.

Education & Training

MS Ed in Counseling, Specialized in School Counseling, from Northern Illinois University, 2018

License & Certifications

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Professional Educator License

1500 E. Lincoln Hwy, Suite 1
DeKalb, IL 60115

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