Dr. Milano

Dr. Milano

Dr. Margo Milano

Dr. Milano frequently reflects that it is often very disappointing how people treat other people, which is the most common reason people feel distress, though they don’t always seek help. She knows what it is like. Because of this, she started Life Solutions.

Everyone experiences anxiety, sadness, trauma, and unpleasant challenges. Overcoming, letting go, or gaining power over these is the trick; it is very possible to achieve this.  Dr. Milano has 20 years of experience in psychotherapy, supervision of therapists, and instruction of therapists. She is seasoned in working with diverse individuals, couples, and families.


In life, we all experience many stressors; it is inevitable. Everyone struggles and needs support; these are fundamental dynamics of life. We are skilled at noticing what we don’t like, yet we all struggle with resolving distress and becoming more content in life overall. Reducing distress may be simpler than you think.

Figuring things out on our own is difficult.  Everyone has the due right to process stress and get guidance from an unbiased expert.  You deserve to be listened to with unconditional support and without interruption. Sometimes family and friends don’t provide help exactly the way we need. Psychotherapists like me can help provide unbiased support and interventions that research shows are pretty darn effective. Though it may not feel like it, lowering stress levels and resolving challenges is not as hard as it may seem. A little guidance could make a big difference!

Dr. Milano has very extensive training in research-based approaches that are pretty darn effective, such as Systems, CPT, ACT, CBT, DBT, EFT, Pragmatic-Experiential Couples Therapy, The Gottman Method, and more. She is also certified in animal assisted therapy and she conducts sessions with her co-therapist, Obi Wan.

Populations Dr. Milano services include: college students, young adults, couples, individuals, and families. Please contact info@lifesolutionsgroup.org to inquire about services.

Professional Memberships

  • American Counseling Association
  • National Council on Family Relations
  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Animal Assisted Interventions International
  • Pet Partners


  • Ph.D. Counselor Education & Supervision
  • M.S. Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • B.S. Bachelor of Science in Family Social Services

License & Certifications

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)
  • Animal Assisted Therapy (Certified Human Animal Interventions Specialist: CHAIS)
  • Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE)
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)
  • Employee Assistance Specialist (EAP-S)

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